This is a simple dashboard to show the current release status based on bugzilla information.

Nominations indicate bugs that have blocking? set for any of the selected releases.
Triage indicates bugs that have been marked blocking+ and are awaiting triage in the "General" component.
Each number in parenthesis indicates the number of unassigned bugs.
Clicking on any of the numbers takes you to a bugzilla query listing those bugs.
Show Owners displays the engineering manager responsible for driving the component instead of the component name.
Show Activity colors tiles depending on the last time the longest untouched bug in a set of bugs was updated.

Advanced features:
The dashboard can be configured by appending query parameters to the url using "?". Separate parameters with a "&".
"releases=1.3,1.3T" displays only those releases.
"flag=cf_blocking_loop" uses the specified release flag instead of the default of cf_blocking_b2g.
"reload=60" reloads the page automatically every 60 seconds.
"owners=true" selects the Show Owners checkbox at load time.
"activity=true" selects the Show Activity checkbox at load time.
"maxage=3" sets the maximum age when showing activity (after 3 days of no activity the tile will show deep red).
"nomenu=title" shows a title instead of the menu, which is useful for publically displayed dashboards.
"filtercomponents=JavaScript Engine,IPC" only displays these components.
"filterowners=Andreas Gal" only display components owned by these owners.

The source code for this dashboard is on github. Pull requests welcome.